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So you’re wonderful at giving gifts to yourself? That’s nothing to be ashamed of! This Valentine’s Day why not treat yourself to something that will Beautify your Beauty Space? Take the time to spruse up your daily makeup area, clean out products that have seen better days, wipe down product containers and clean your makeup brushes and make your whole morning routine a little more enjoyable!

It’s so easy to get caught up in your morning routine (or hitting the snooze button a few too many times!) and only having a few minutes to grab your old lippie and smack on some tinted moisturizer. Why not get a bit of glam into your life and make yourself a beautiful space to get ready? It doesn’t need to be big and grand, we have a post here on how to turn a small space into a makeup area. What is important is that the area is functional for the space that you have. Digging through your makeup bag looking for the same things over and over again can be tedious and make the whole process a little more work than it needs to be. Imagine having your daily favourites, whether that be four or five things to get you feeling confident or more like twelve (or fifteen!) displayed where they are easy to find and ready to go.

Being organised can not only save you time but also money! No more buying duplicate items that you already have but didn’t know where to find them. Add a beautiful scented candle to your makeup area, make your favorite tea or coffee and get ready for the day in your beautiful space, ready to conquer whatever comes your way! You’ve given yourself great gifts in the past, why stop now?





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