We hear time and time again how important it is to wash your face at the end of the day and to not sleep with your makeup on, but are you committing another beauty sin and not cleaning your makeup brushes often enough? Like most cleaning, it is easy to procrastinate and leave for another day, but with the help of this little tool your makeup brushes will be thoroughly cleaned in no time.


Once the water is starting to run clear and you have rinsed off the suds from your brush you will need to set your brushes out to dry. Be sure not to stand brushes up as soon as you have washed them. Ideally you should let the damp brush head hang over the edge of your bathroom bench or makeup table until the brush is fully dry as this will ensure the left over water doesn’t soak back into the handle like it would if they were left standing up to dry, as over time this may lead to the handle to come apart.


cleaning makeup brushes

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